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Episode 2 – Eastern Extravaganza

In this special episode, we take you along with us as we discuss and soundsee our trips to Baltimore, Gettysburg, and Washington D.C. In addition, we have a short tech talk segment about cell phones; we also discuss the backstory of our new media production network, WYMC; as well as “Yoda My Cheese”; We give you a funny quote of the day and play our feedback (our 1st voicemail…yeah!); We also throughout the show play 4 podsafe music songs from the Podsafe Music Network at music.mevio.com. Enjoy this special hour and a half long episode.

We welcome your feedback about this podcast!
Email: rydanshow@gmail.com
Voice feedback: 206-350-5759

Links presented in this show:

Jammin Jukebox Songs:
1. “P-O-P-P-L-E” – Popple
2. “CTRL-Z” – Popple
3. “God Is In Control” – Chris Christensen
4.”Rain” – Matthew Ebel

Travel Photos:
* Baltimore, Maryland
* Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
* Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Fireworks Show July 4th, 2009 video slideshow

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Podsafe Music Network: http://music.meivo.com/

Jammin Jukebox Song: “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” by Dokke

* Our Show Theme by 3 In The Same
* Jammin’ Jukebox bumper music by Kids Fly Free

* Join us for a live recording of our podcast, plus bonus footage, on our ustream channel

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* Dan’s Podcast, PhotoCast

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