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Episode 4 – Holiday Hoopla

In this episode, we begin the show with our tech talk segment in which we talk about ustreaming on mobile phones; and about online gaming. In our popcorn theater segment, we review the TV sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond; review the movie, Sherlock Holmes. In news, we talk about Dan’s bus ride here to Harrisburg, PA; and share with you a Yahoo! news story about swim-proof hearing aids. We then have a Christmas Talk segment where we talk about gifts we received; and about the meaning of Christmas. We then have Dan saying a funny quote of the day. Then, we have a jammin’ jukebox segment where we play a podsafe song from Mevio’s Music Network at music.mevio.com. To end the show, we tell you how to give us feedback! Wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy holidays!

We welcome your feedback about this podcast!
Email: rydanshow@gmail.com
Voice feedback: 206-350-5759


*Sherlock Holmes movie website

*Yahoo News Story: “Now hear this: Swim-proof hearing aids to get test” by Lauran Neergaard

*Jammin’ Jukebox podsafe music from Mevio’s Music Alley at music.mevio.com:
*” Feliz Navidad” by The Three (not so) Wise Men
* “Sleigh Ride” by thehipcola
*“We wish you a merry Christmas” – Mano Reza

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* Our Show Theme by 3 In The Same
* Jammin’ Jukebox bumper music by Kids Fly Free

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