About the podcast.

A Conversation With Dan & Ry is a podcast where we discuss technology, movies, television shows, news, podsafe music, and much more!   Each episode is sure to be a fascinating time as we try to bring some humor into whatever we talk about.

About the hosts.

Dan Smrokowski is a college student at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.   He is currently volunteering as a D.J. at the student-run streaming radio station on campus, WRBC: the blaze.  His show, R U Inspired?, features various inspirational and Christian music on Fridays from 3 – 4PM CST.    When Dan is taking a break from studying or working as a D.J., he hosts PhotoCast – a podcast where he rambles on anything that he enjoys.   In addition, he co-hosts this podcast with his cousin. Dan is now the host of a new podcast called Special Chronicles.

Ry is a student at — in Camp Hill, PA.   He co-hosts this podcast with his cousin.

Show Promos:

We have recorded a new promo for our podcast.  Click here to download our promo.  Did that not work? Try this one. Feel free to play our podcast on your podcast. Please link our website in your show notes: https://danryshow.wordpress.com/

About the music that we use:

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